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Timberland® Outlet Store - Clinton Crossings

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Monday: 10am - 9pm Tuesday: 10am - 9pm Wednesday: 10am - 9pm Thursday: 10am - 9pm Friday: 10am - 9pm Saturday: 10am - 9pm Sunday: 10am - 6pm

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The Timberland store in Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets is located at 20 Killingworth Turnpike, Clinton, CT. We're conveniently located in the lower half of the mall, between Nike and Under Armour.


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joseline lizbeth mendieta astudillo


2023-11-07 05:11:47-06

A. Rosa


2023-11-05 02:23:41-06
I visited a few weeks ago just to look around and found a perfect pair of boots in my size. The prices are great here, though depending on the color or style you are looking for, they may have limited sizes. At least, that was the case for the pair I was interested in. If you're already taking a trip to the outlets and like Timberland shoes, check it out!

Juan francisco Arauz Diaz


2023-09-03 22:16:36-05

Elias Fernandez


2023-09-03 21:40:29-05
Meh I found better waterproof mud rise shoes for less at Columbia outlet store in same mall

Viktoria McAdams


2023-07-13 09:01:17-05
Amazing staff!!

Sean Murphy


2023-03-29 23:16:53-05
Great deals and great boots!

tess swiecanski


2023-03-26 14:37:24-05



2023-03-20 22:39:28-05
Needed to find some special shoes for some special feet. They only had two women's WIDE styles and only one color in her size but I'm leaving this review because she left a very satisfied customer! Especially for someone with picky feet! Store was neat and well stocked! staff wasn't putting pressure on us to make a sale but the two young men and the young lady who helped us with every consideration were a perfect sales team. It turned out she was a whole size larger than expected but they had it in wide! If you're looking for wides it's best to call them up first! They were very knowledgeable about the brand and if any management sees this: we got exactly what we hoped to get when we walked into this store. She put brand recognition before the other comfort-minded shoe stores on the same block and got exactly what she was looking for. She might have been overwhelmed by the new balance store and would have probably left with sneakers twice the price that would last half as long. So thanks! Staff was really casually helpful in precisely the way we needed. gave us room to look but were available and answered all our questions. We had such a good time, finding just what we needed at the first store we tried...so without any arm-twisting I got her some leather balm and boot socks too!! Would be a great place to buy a sweatshirt/flannel! They had a lot of jackets, backpacks and fanny packs! Ask about the leather cleaning products! Woohoo!

Whitley Whitley


2023-02-07 17:15:19-06
Ordered some Timberland boots online and requested they be delivered to the Clinton, CT. store for safety reasons. Went to pick them up the next day and the Timberland store employee stated that they were not delivered there but yet someone in the store signed for them... Contacted Timberland and they also said they were delivered to the Clinton location... Long story short I'm getting another pair shipped out but Timberland employees stole my boots... I do not recommend having anything delivered there. BEWARE!!!



2023-02-06 19:13:41-06




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