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Timberland® Specialty Retail Stores feature premium footwear, clothing and accessories for city and trail. Stop in to see our latest head-to-toe looks, designed for versatility, style and comfort. No matter where you're headed.


Timberland is Built for the Bold - and our stores are packed with waterproof boots for men and women, work boots, workwear, hoodies, and plenty of footwear, clothing & accessories - something for everyone who loves the outdoors. Don't miss our Black Friday deals in-store - visit us today!


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Nasya Garrett


2023-02-01 18:12:19-06

Roberto Bastias


2023-01-23 18:28:56-06

Gladys Bajana


2023-01-23 17:11:01-06

Md Moslem


2023-01-16 20:17:10-06

Deeana T


2023-01-16 18:58:59-06
Upon purchasing the boots I was told that return wasn’t going to be a problem, and that I don’t have to take the box. The sales girl ensured me that I can return it the next day if I don’t feel comfortable when I go home. Later I realized she was just trying to make a sale with misinforming me. I didn’t take the box, wore them for couple of hours and decided to return it the next day because they were too heavy and hurt my feet. Upon returning the employee was very rude and said I can’t return it because it’s worn, I told her I purchased it yesterday and the sales girl ensured that it won’t be a problem and they aren’t worn! She said she couldn’t help me and to reach out the company directly. Then she told me to read the receipt which I read in front of her, it said if I don’t have a receipt I can get a store credit, they don’t even know their policies, after my firm look she said oh yes you can exchange it or get a store credit, which I agreed. No one tried to help when we choose a replacement, first they claimed they had no sizes we wanted, I was there with my 10 month old looking like a fool asking for assistance while I was getting mean looks and long waiting. Eventually we found the right size from multiple selections. Very disappointed, I don’t feel it was right to be treated that way and not being able to return the shoes on the next day of the purchase! Unfair and unprofessional service, would not recommend to shop there unless the employees know you or you are friends with them, otherwise expect rudeness or no service!

Caramel Cadence


2023-01-15 19:41:25-06

Balbir Singh


2023-01-10 15:01:07-06

George Rivera


2022-12-27 23:57:38-06
They had a good sale for boots.

worldwide engineer


2022-12-19 22:53:18-06
Great fast easy shopping.

Moovie Mel


2022-12-06 12:32:27-06




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